Carbon, Cuts and Carnage

Well, anyone that watched last nights stage from Épernay to Metz will know, it was a bit of a blood bath. Richie Porte and Jurgen van den Broeck both hit the deck in the neutral zone.

Just before they had travelled 40kms, another group hit the deck, including Andre Greipel and Robert Gesink. Greipel apparently dislocating his shoulder and suffering a couple of nasty cuts.

Then, with 25kms to go there was mayhem. It looked like most of the peloton was on the ground. The TV pictures showed people lying everywhere and you could hear the cries of pain. It wasn’t nice.

Then, to just add to the drama, pre race red hot favourite Brad Wiggins picked up where Tyler Farra left off and lost his shit completely. Check out Blazing Saddles excellent write up here for more on the Wiggins incident.

All this after people were complaining about boring flat stages!

They say pictures say a thousand words, so check these out.

See Tweet below.


And this is what is left of Thomas Danelson’s bike after the stage.

Gone to heaven.

Garmin Sharp, oh boy. Vaughters must have driven under a ladder, through a mirror and run over a Chinaman carrying a black cat!

Update :

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  1. James says:

    Out of all the snapped bikes that I’ve seen in this years tour so far, both have been cervelos.

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