MerJer for Stage 5 – A Ginger Gets the Jersey

This was a close tussle today. Nominations came in for quite a few people. A few suggested Marcel “Shittel” Kittel should get it again because it wasn’t the steady stream of brun from the back end that caught up with him, but a dodgy knee that gave out after spending a heap of time squatting in the fields of rural France and Belgium. Some suggested cyclings very own Voldemort who is having a hell of a time at the moment due to a vendetta taken out against him. But a very strong vote came in on Twitter, including the casting vote from @UCI_overlord (He who must be obeyed!) for Tyler “The Tiler” Farrar who has spent so much time on the deck it has been suggested he become a Tiler. According to my sources, ASO and the UCI have let him use a lighter bike than the rest of the peloton due to the fact he is carrying around enough road surface in his arse that it has been deemed handicap enough.

Apparently, Tyler went all US Postal at the end of the stage and wanted to punch on with one of the Argonauts, believed to be Tom “Blue” Veelers who is believed to be the one “The Tiler” thought responsible for him hitting the deck for the 4th time this week.

The Tiler

In other MerJer news, I just sent this out to the Tweetisphere.



Get on board and make a man happy.

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