Holy Schleck!

Now, before you go accusing Millar of being delusional, check out what Dave McKenzie has to say on SBS here.

Now, both these blokes are way more informed than I am, so what are they basing their opinions on? The fact that Andy seems only to race one race every year? Has he been ripping it up in some obscure race I haven’t seen? Have Millar and McKenzie forgotten there is 100+kms of time trials in the TdF this year? What is it?

And on Andy, and for that matter, Frank as well. It doesn’t seem that long ago that people were getting behind them to beat up on Armstrong or Contador. Now, it seems they are the riders every one hates. When did it all turn around? For mine, I would like to see them do well just to shut Johan Bruyneel up. Although, if they did perform, he would be claiming it was because of him.

One thing I will say, it has given way to some fantastic terms with in the pro cycling scene. Schleck Neck, The Schleck-chute, The Schleck sisters and it goes on.

As always, your comments are appreciated.

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One Response to Holy Schleck!

  1. evs says:

    I don’t get the vitriol either. No doubt neither of them have been riding very well this year, but I quite like the Schlecks, particularly Andy. I hope he one day gets to stand on the podium in Paris wearing yellow (not quite the same with a retrospective win, is it?). As long as that day is after Cadel retires 🙂

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