Your Challenge, Build a Better Cyclist

Time to put on your thinking caps. I challenge you all to build a better fantasy cyclist than mine. Combine three cyclists into a mega cyclist. Someone who wins races, is a crowd favourite and also someone who you’d love to go and have a beer with. With all that in mind, I present to you The Cannibal Badger King!

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He can win races on mountain top finishes or sprints. He would be great to go out and have a beer with, and if the going got tough, he can punch on. Also, he pulls the ladies. What can’t this super hybrid do?

It isn’t limited to the blokes either. If you have a trio of awesome ladies, even better.

So, lets have it in the comments below. Which three cyclists would you combine to make a mega cyclist?

Before someone says Jens, Jens and Jens, don’t, it is too easy, and it may tear a hole in the space time continuum. Right, go to it.

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2 Responses to Your Challenge, Build a Better Cyclist

  1. Notso Swift says:

    Eddie Merckx, because his all round abilities and the fact that no one really comes close

    Lance Armstrong, can’t stand him but he is here because of his unmatched abilities in pharmacology and that puts him ahead of the curve where the more talented will still fail (isn’t that right, Jan)

    Sean Kelly, King Kelly, unlike Mario he will actually finish the tour, could win a GC, was good all year, has more than one Monument,…if only he had won the Ronde and could speak English he would be the greatest of the last 30 years

    I can’t believe Le Blaireu didn’t make it, another reason to be anti-Armstrong. Also a close call on Longo, for her shear longevity at the top

  2. Jens Voigt, Jens Voigt and Jens Voigt.

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