Brake, brake, brake, brake…..

too late!

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3 Responses to Brake, brake, brake, brake…..

  1. Neuboddie says:

    Don’t laugh at me!

  2. Dolly says:

    Dear Aangirfan,I too am quite interested in this post, as all, but would acperpiate some clarification on the badgers. When “you” wrote “They were 30 metres apart, and this must be too close together for badger setts.”, did you mean too far apart, or did you mean that separate setts should be too further away.Either way, for info, and I am not disputing the possibility they were graves – far from it – it’s name badger comes from the French, “to dig”. A badger sett can be enormous and a huge size. I can provide photos of such.Note though that a badger’s “mound” is sure to have a visible deep tunnel and it would not take 13 hours to acertain this.Let me know please and I will expand.cheers, brian

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