129 Days to Go.

Like all the other challenges I have done, time is marching on a little to quickly for my liking. The Tour de Kids Plus bike ride is only 129 days off. Training is coming along nicely at the moment. I am following my plan of slowly building up the kilometres traveled each month.

Sadly, my mate Jason has had to pull out, so I wont have one of my best mates with me on the ride. He better buy me a beer when I lob into Geelong at the end of the ride. Looking forward to getting to Adelaide in late September to meet up with a few mates just before the ride and maybe do a few rides with them in Adelaide. Norton Summit isn’t out of the question, but a lot will depend on how my fitness is at the time.

I have made a new shortened URL for all Tour de Kids Plus posts on the forums to help people spread the word. Just use http://norbs.tk/tdk to find all posts related to the ride.

Heres hoping this charity ride goes as well as the last one.


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2 Responses to 129 Days to Go.

  1. Prongle says:

    Gutted Jase has pulled out. Shame I couldn’t get a month of work out there again to ride with you!
    Any last minute people able to jump on? Bling Bling??

  2. CLP says:

    Norton Summit isn’t out of the question… ” … hmmm πŸ˜‰ just so you have something to think about in the meanwhile, a Norton Summit out and back ride is about a 30km round trip from Chateau CLP.. and if the fitness is there, there’s a nice scenic loop/extension that you could do from there too. Of course there’s a tonne of other gentle rides that you can do if you’re just looking for a gentle spin. πŸ™‚

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