Cycling and Anagrams.

There has been some discussion on Twitter about giving Peter Sagan a Euro cool nickname. I have drawn a blank, so I thought I would use an old favourite of mine and drop Peter Sagan into an anagram generator.

Well it certainly spat out some weird stuff, with my favourite being Gas Net Reap. Seeing as how he rides for Liquigas, I thought it was appropriate.

I thought while I was at it, I would try a few more. Here are the results.

Non pro Cycling – Cycling On Porn 😮
Cadel Evans – Lance Saved
Mike Tomalaris – Smite Karma Oil
Jens Voigt – Jots Given
Andy Schleck – Hanks Cycled
Ivan Basso – Avian Boss
Tour de France – Fortune Raced

Give it a go and post your best one in the comments below.

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One Response to Cycling and Anagrams.

  1. Prongle says:

    Mark Cavendish – Maverick Hands

    Has needed them over the past few stages to stop his fall!

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