He Left His Skills at the Top of the Hills.

Watch, then discuss.

Thanks to Brad Fogg and the rest of the 6amers for the linkage.

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7 Responses to He Left His Skills at the Top of the Hills.

  1. Duke6amer says:

    Very Lucky!!!
    You already know my views & I’m going to abstain from airing them here for self-preservation purposes… Sorry.

  2. Prongle says:

    Incredibly lucky. One to show the kids who don’t like wearing a helmet.

  3. Lewy says:

    Damn that was lucky. Looked like a bit of target fixation on where he didn’t want to go.

  4. Wratts says:

    Another esteemed member of velominati maybe… lol.

    • Lewy says:

      I needed a camera that day you took to the grass on aero bars in the wet and somehow managed to get back on the road without crashing.

  5. Dave says:

    Why’d he do that?

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