Today, 1 in 109 Motorists was a Dick!

I have just spent about 20 mins counting how many people passed me on the roads today either going into work or coming home. The grand total was 109. Of those 109, one was a complete dick. Check out the image below. Take into account the wide angle lens on the GoPro and you will see he was very very close to me. Also note the room given to him by the motorist going in the opposite direction.

Click for larger.


Now, here is a shot of the very next vehicle that passed me.

Click for larger.

Now I realise that the second image shows no other passing traffic, but a car had only just passed in the opposite direction, again, giving the vehicle om my side of the road plenty of room.

And for those asking why I was so far to the right, that is the new road that has just been laid, and just to the left of where I am is some very loose gravel. No fun on 23mm tyres.

In much the same way as a few bad cyclists tend to ruin it for the rest of us, the same can be said for motorists. 108 people passed me safely today.

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  1. Lewy says:

    109 cars bloody hell. When I an not bike paths I would be lucky to be passed by about 5 cars.

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