In the Hurtbox, and Why it Doesn't Matter.

Here I go again. Last time I posted an article about something not mattering, I had the Velominati Glitteratti tear me a new one and every Tom, Dick and Fred telling me my orange bar tape was an abomination not seen since, well, this.

Who else gets sick in their mouth looking at that?

I digress. Today I am going to put a shot across the bow of those people that spend their every cycling moment in the hurtbox consuming massive amounts of HTFU. The hurtbox can be found on the corner of Testosterone Terrace and Machismo Mall. Easy to find because of the massive bronzed statue of Jens Voigt, the current king of the hurtbox.

Hurtbox Head Honcho, Jens Voigt

Jens knows how to suffer. He busts his arse time and time again for the brothers Schleck, for very little reward. He is also a professional athlete. Paid to do it.

Then there are the hurtbox aficionados, you know the ones, they are always on the rivet, pushing through the pain barrier, putting in 110% and on it goes. Usually the first advice you will hear from this sadistic subset of the cycling world is the HTFU. It matters not what the question or complaint is.

“I think me saddle may be a little low” will be the statement and no sooner have the sound waves made it into your inner ear than the purveyors of pain are telling you to HTFU. Or offering you a can of HTFU. Or offering to put you in the hurtbox.

If I want to enter the hurtbox, I will put my bed flute in a vice, or post that I have orange bar tape.

I am happy for people to push themselves. I do it myself. But, if you are my age, even this has to be done with a little more respect to your body than when I was 20. People of my age need to take a little more care. Trying to keep up with 20 year olds is only going to end up with us in a different type of hurtbox.

Do people actually enjoy being in pain, or is it a sense of satisfaction in the achievement of having pushed hard? Please tell me it is the second choice. They send people to brain doctors that intentionally hurt themselves.

Much like what I said in the Rules don’t matter post, I think it is more important to encourage people to get out on their bikes, not continually tell them they should be suffering and to HTFU when ever they have a question about cycling that shows any sign of perceived weakness.

Jump into the hurtbox when ever you like, just don’t drag others with you unless they are willing. Some people just want to have a pedal with out the pressure. And if you think you have been in the hurtbox, stick this name into your Googlebox, Fiorenzo Magni and check out his little trip to the pain barrier in the Giro of 1956. How are you feeling now?

Now, where is that vice.

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7 Responses to In the Hurtbox, and Why it Doesn't Matter.

  1. Notso Swift says:

    …but those Footon guys have white bar tape matched to the hoods and saddle isn’t that PRO???

    • norbs says:

      I didn’t even see the bikes. My eyes close as soon as I see the jerseys.

      • Notso Swift says:

        LOL It isn’t their worst picture, there is one of them doing a TTT, in the wet, Giro I think (shudder)
        Now I will not be able to sleep tonight as the nightmare images come flooding back

  2. Lewy says:

    I am staying firmly planted in the Tissue Box.

    Great post mate

  3. Gturk says:

    Regarding what we wear and what colour bar tape I have no comment …. but the footon boys give a good reason for black nicks !!!!!!

    Great post on the hurt box ….. totally agree. At my stage of life cycling is for pleasure not pain. Somedays I put a bit of serious effort in with a reasonable challenge but others I cruise along enjoying the ride …. sometimes wobbling a bit in my retro kit.

  4. yarravalleyplodder says:

    I am new to cycling and have really only been getting fit for the last 15 months, I am also leaving my 30’s soon. While I dont mind a bit of pain I definitely dont want to be doing every time I ride or run.
    I am targeting a sub 60min 10k run and a guy at work tells me I need to do hill repeats and do interval training. I tried it and it wasnt fun, he says well whats your goal and I say, to get out there push myself but I need to enjoy it, so I persist with what I see as fun and not painful.
    Its the same on the bike, happy to do the 1:20 on the weekend but the next ride I want a little flat stuff. The main point is I am out there on the bike
    Great post, but still orange bar tape!

  5. Duke6amer says:

    Great post mate, did our talk the other day inspire the topic did it???

    To answer your question I actually think the pain is addictive so for me it’s a bit of both.
    I guess it comes from a couple of other well known quotes used in similar situations.
    1. Pain is only temporary but glory is forever.
    2. Pain is the weakness leaving my body.

    On a more serious note, what a way to destroy the bling look of that Fuji bike. Noooo!!!

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