Zabel's "Dont Come Back" Tweet

I was a bit shocked yesterday when I read Erik Zabels Tweets regarding the Katusha rider, Denis Galimzyanov’s admission had he doped.

Followed by this.

Sent from his iphone, I really hope the “dont Comeback” part was a typo. I had started writing a post about this yesterday, but got a bit muddled up in my own mind in what I wanted to say. Since then, 2 terrific articles have been written.

The first by Cillan Kelly on his site, The Irish Peloton. The second by Philip Gomes at Cycling Central. Both articles are worth a read. They articulate how I feel about it better than I could.

Lets hope Zabel’s iPhone went on a auto correct spree of some sort. Otherwise the hypocrisy is astounding.

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One Response to Zabel's "Dont Come Back" Tweet

  1. djconnel says:

    Maybe he meant “don’t return to doping”.

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