Flanders and that Finishing Straight.

I am glad it wasn’t just me. Gerard Vroomen has similar thoughts to mine in his latest blog post.

Would it be possible to find a more depressing finishing straight? Seeing them ride that last kilometer there was only one positive thought popping into my head: “Thank goodness I don’t live there”. The old finishing straight wasn’t exactly in the most pitoresque spot in Flanders either, but this was rubbish.

Boring Boulevard

I was thinking on the night as the top 3 snaked their way along the nondescript grey ribbon of boredom, how about they cover it up. Make it a tunnel. Say at the 1km mark and the tunnel finishes at the 150m mark. By Christ it would build more suspense. I realise if Vino was riding it would be a place for him to do some finish line deals, but I still think it has merit.

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