One for Bling Bling Bolbol.

Sam, I expect you to have this by years end. Maybe buy it in a 55cm frame size, custom blue and orange paint job, that way if you don’t like it, you can sling it to me on the cheapo. 🙂

Click for larger.

More info at the Domane 6 website.

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4 Responses to One for Bling Bling Bolbol.

  1. Lewy says:

    No No Sam, 58cm frame in a nice black.

  2. Lewy says:

    Just checked the website. Its bloody $14k

  3. Duke6amer says:

    Lewy, thats for the Di2 team issue model a more sedate $5.7K for the non-team issue model. :O
    Love to see how cushy the ride is, I bet it would take some getting used to.
    So how long before we see a road bike with shockers for the pave classics? I hope never but this is pretty close using the flexing porperties of carbon, wonder how many deflection cycles it lasts for?

    • Lewy says:

      Duke, Bianchi tried that back in 1994. Rock Shox made a set of forks for roadies. Trek also tried a small shock on the seat stay.

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