Is it Uncool to be Seen?

Don’t get me started on Euro cool. It does my head in. Why it is so important to look the part, when at times it can actually be dangerous. On my commute to work yesterday, just before sunrise, I saw a guy on a bike in front of me in all black, with no rear facing lights. I only saw him because he stopped on the side of the road to take a phone call. I actually saw the glow of his phone screen before I saw him. As I rode by I noticed he was on a matte black bike and he was wearing a black Castelli jacket very similar to this.

Castelli jacket

Castelli jacket in safety black.

Very good looking I have to admit, but next to useless in the dark. I have heard people call them ninjas before, and now I know why. He was nearly invisible. With out a rear light, on a dark bike in dark clothes, it makes it very hard to see him. Add to that the fact that it was foggy and if he was travelling the same route as I do, travelling on some narrow high speed roads, you have to wonder how he makes it every day.

I bought it up on here a few months back, the whole Euro Cool thing that seems to be utmost in peoples minds, but surely it is cooler to be seen and missed by cars and trucks than nearly invisible and lying in a ditch by the road side.

Give yourself a chance and make yourself visible.

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3 Responses to Is it Uncool to be Seen?

  1. j. says:

    Definitely uncool. In much the same way it is not the Done Thing to ding or say something and let someone know you are coming up close beside them to pass.

  2. Lewy says:

    I like safety black and being a euro pro cool bike ninja dude. My white bike with reflective tyres probably undoes some of my euro cool. Not to mention my beard:-)

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