Photos : From This Mornings Commute

These all screen grabs from a video, so excuse the poor quality.


Predawn light

It is getting darker in the mornings, so I am having to leave in the pre dawn light.



Cows n cars

Cows 'n' cars

Some of the country roads aren’t all that wide.



White line

White line

Showing good form on the white line.



Wet Weather

Wet Weather

Proof that we have had some weather the last few days.



Sun on the back

Sun on the back.

Riding early in the morning with the sun on my back. Excellent.

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3 Responses to Photos : From This Mornings Commute

  1. Lewy says:

    You should have gone past the river. The bike path was flooded. Still some water over it on the way home too.

  2. Alex says:

    I have a folding bike and if I have to ride on a road with no shoulder, I will sometimes take my car (depending on the time of day) to get through those spots. Once I am near a bike lane, I’ll park, and then ride from there.

  3. Patrick says:

    It’s good to see someone thnkinig it through.

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