Colnago C59 Disc (insert Homer gargle here)

Just a matter of minutes after I posted the “You just won a bike” post yesterday, I started seeing a trickle of information on Twitter about the Colnago C59 Disc. It wasn’t long before most of the large bike sites had the story. I will let the pictures tell the story.

Lets just add that to the list of “I want” bikes. There is already talk by the luddites that disc brakes are an added weight issue and unwanted complexity. One person on Twitter even said he refused to use discs on a roadie because it wasn’t Euro cool! If that guy reads the blog, you sir are a Euro tool! Apparently Di2 is fine, but discs, no. I can only shake my head. More info on the links below.

Bike Rumor.
Bike radar

And the official Colnago site.

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  1. Lewy says:

    Now that is awesome. Lots of talk on the forum at work about discs being dangerous. I have never had an issue with mine.

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