You Just Won a Bike.

Imagine you have just received an email from a huge cycling website (Disclaimer : Not Non Pro Cycling) saying you have won the bike of your dreams. Any bike, any gruppo. Any wheels. What would it be? What is your dream bike?

Here are a few I would have trouble choosing between.

Volagi™ Liscio Dura-Ace

Volagi™ Liscio Dura-Ace

The Volagi™ Liscio Dura-Ace. A roadie with disc brakes is right at the top of my list. Maybe fit it out in SRAM Red.

Lynskey Helix

Lynskey Helix Di2

How about a Lynskey Helix Ti framed beast with Di2.



Moots have always been high on the list of bikes I have loved. The Vamoots RSL looks the go to me.

Baum Espresso

Baum Espresso

Baum’s steel framed Espresso is a great looking bike. Trouble is, I wouldn’t be able to choose a colour scheme.

Kirk JK Special

Kirk JK Special

Just look at those seat stays. Line me up with a Kirk JK Special and I would be a happy rider.

So there are just a few I lust over. CF, Ti, Steel, there is something there for everyone. There are plenty more. Let me know in the comments what you would like if money wasn’t an option.


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4 Responses to You Just Won a Bike.

  1. OnevFoto says:

    Disc brakes, I couldn’t believe it till I read this including your photo above:

  2. Lewy says:

    Ti Baum with Di2 and a set of carbon Zipps.

    Or Ti Baum SS MTB with Niner rigid carbon forks.

  3. Chris says:

    As the first owner of a Volagi in Australia, I like your first choice 😉

  4. Chris says:

    Anyone with better googleFu skills than mine able to get any clues on the colnago c59 disc shifters???

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