Review : Speedplay Light Action Useage.

Floaty floaty. The new Speedplay Light Action pedals have a load of float. So much so that the first couple of rides I wore them, I felt like I wasn’t clipped in. Check this out.

Compared to the Shimano SPD-SL pedals, that is a lot of float.

I have now done just over 130km with them. Just shy of 5 hours riding, and I have to say, I love them! Even though there is a load of float, you get used to it quickly and now I don’t notice is that much. You still need to take care if you leap out of the saddle and attack a climb. With so much float it is easy to go to far and clip out. I don’t know that I would be comfortable in a bunch sprint in them, but hey, it isn’t like I am racing Cav and Griepel every time I ride.

They aren’t called light action for nothing. I have bad knees from not looking after myself when I was young, and unclipping the SPD-SLs had become uncomfortable, especially for my right knee. It wasn’t painful, just uncomfortable. The Speedplay light Actions are so easy to unclip. It takes some getting used to. I was sitting on the saddle adjusting my male parts and swung the left leg out for better access and my foot popped off the pedal. Now that I am aware of it, it isn’t an issue, but people used to a tight fitting cleat will need to be aware. I have been told it isn’t an issue with the Zeros.

So that is float covered. It was one reason I got them. The other, being double sided. Oh boy, this one makes me very happy. My worries at a set of lights is now gone. I have probably clipped in and out a total of 30 times so far and I can do it every time, with out fail now. It is a huge benefit of these pedals. As I have explained before, probably 80-90% of the time I was ok with the Shimano SPD-SLs, but the time I did have trouble was nearly always uphill, at a set of traffic lights with an imbecile behind the wheel of a huge 4WD thing who was in a hurry. Now I am clipped in and away with out even thinking about it.

Walking around with the coffee shop covers is a little bit trickier than the SPD-SL cleats. I think because they are narrower. Once again, I am used to it already, but I wont be going ballroom dancing in them.

So far, so good with the Speedplays. I will have another look in a few months after I have had to maintain them.

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2 Responses to Review : Speedplay Light Action Useage.

  1. Spenceey says:

    I too suffer from severe knee problems. The Speedplays have been great. I’ve got the light action but wonder if the Zero’s would have been a better choice, to completely dial in the float.

    Walking around isn’t too bad. Although I have lost one of the covers. You can find covers on-line that are permanently fitted to the shoes- can’t remember what they’re called but well worth a look.

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