Riding, is it Really Cheaper than Driving?

I am starting to wonder.

Ping, there goes $80!

That is the second spoke to go on the front in 2 weeks. Both times under braking. So, $80 for all new DT Swiss spokes and to get the wheel rebuilt. Then this morning, I got to work and went to turn off the rear light only to find it had abandoned ship at some point in the ride. $50 for a replacement. Plus the loss of 2 rechargeable batteries. I am out of chamois cream. $30 for some Aussie Butt cream. There goes $160 in a blink. A new set of tyres every 9 months or so. $80. I am keen on getting some merino base layers, but after seeing the price, I am thinking I will just drive to work in winter. Being a known tight arse doesn’t help.

Please, some one tell me it is worth the cost. Lucky I love riding.

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6 Responses to Riding, is it Really Cheaper than Driving?

  1. Lewy says:

    I can’t believe you had to pay for the spokes, surely that is warranty. My fixie had a radial spoked front wheel and it never broke a spoke with my fat arse on it.

    And you paid $50 for a tail light, jolly ollies has them for $2 🙂

    Merino base layers are awesome just get a long sleeve hiking one not a cycling specific set as they will sting you more. I paid $50 for mine and wear it all through winter. Still going strong after 4 years.

    And yes it’s worth the cost:-)

    • norbs says:

      Lewy. It isn’t Emo. it is Avanti. They knocked back the rear wheel after 8 spokes. Emo wore that warranty claim.

      Yes, I realise the Jolly Olly specials are about, but also that they crap out after 2 bumps. Or when you wash the bike. Or when you turn them off. Or when you turn them on. Or if the sun hits them. Or if mount it on the solstice. 😉

      Will have a chat to you about base layers soon.

      • Lewy says:

        Fair point on the tail light. My jolly ollie special is on my back pack and never gets wet. My good one is on the bike.

        You may need to get yourself a set of 32 spoke commuter wheels that are going to last. I looked at these guys http://www.twebikewheels.com.au/ for a set of wheels for my CX bike and they had pretty good prices. If you break any more spokes on the front I have a spare wheel you can use.

  2. CLP says:

    is it cheaper than driving? maybe not .. ultimately you get to choose how much cash you throw into it (same with driving too!). With all the spoke issues you are having i’d probably cut your losses and get a more robust set of wheels. I did when i started popping spokes on a set of shimano wheels… bought some mavics and never looked back. A set of Mavic Aksiums should be damn near bullet proof and can be had pretty cheaply. Or get some Velocity wheels..

    is it worth it?
    worth every cent IMHO.. no question 🙂 just have a look at the shots from your commute.. do you honestly reckon you would get to appreciate any of that sitting in a car driving?

  3. Ashgottaketchum says:

    biking is more expensive than driving, kinda like how having a world class mechanic give your farrari an all around tune up every two weeks is more expensive than flying your helicopter

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