Dave Got Wet

My mate Dave posted this on a cycling forum last week. I thought it was good enough to share.


Being Friday I took off early and decide to take the long route home despite the rain.


I had a great ride and felt like a kid playing in the rain. BUT I wasn’t expecting the bike path near home to so far under water.

Most of it was only pedal deep.

Then I came across a bit that I knew would be very deep. At this point I was 3km from home and 15km if turned back and went the long way. So I kept pedalling. I kew I was in trouble when the bike stared floating.

So I got off and pushed on through waist deep water. Oh well, I was pretty wet anyway.

What a great adventure. For what it’s worth the inside of the pannier remained dry, my iPhone stayed safe and dry in its iBike holder (I was a bit nervous when taking it out for the photos) and my bike is now towelled down and safe in the garage. The whole reason I built the titanium commuter was so I could ride to work in all conditions, this week it has proved itself perfect for the task. 🙂


Thanks Dave for a great story and photos. Apparently the bike is fine. Dave pulled the bottom bracket apart and reports all is ok.

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