The Good Old Days

Every weekend I will try and find a few interesting cycling videos from before the year 2000.The years before Armstrong corporatised sport.

First, here is one Jered Gruber Tweeted earlier today. Jered is an excellent photographer as well, have a look at some of his work here and also on Flickr.

I have heard of slamming the stem, but during the race, wow!!! How would you like to hear the Giro route was coming past your shop in those days? I am pretty sure the same happened in the Tour de France as well.

I was very surprised when I was hunting YouTube for old footage to see the full documnetary movie “A Sunday in Hell” is available online. The film is a chronology of the 1976 Paris–Roubaix bicycle race from the perspective of participants, organizers and spectators. It may be only low resolution on Youtube, but it is a great watch.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Lewy says:

    That was good norbs. Filled in my rainy Saturday morning.

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