Review : iBike iSport update #1

Time for a bit of a tidy up of the iBike iSport review. A couple of things have been bought to light.

First thing. In this photo in the Setup and Usage review…

The confusing wire.

It has been highlighted that there seems to be a wire between the Garmin mount and iBike rechargeable mount. That is actually my light battery wire that is just in the exact position to confuse people. Sorry about that. You can actually see the wire between the battery and light in these shots.

The wire seen from the front.

The wire seem from above.

Second point. The rechargeable mount is actually removable. There is a grub screw in the under side of it that you can unscrew and then slide the whole unit off if you need to.

Undoing the grub screw.

The unit mounted on the rechargeable mount.

The stem mount for the rechargeable mount.

The battery in the rechargeable mount is similar to a mobile (cellular) phone battery. It comes with a charger that takes approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge.

I should also take the chance to mention that John Hamann, iBike’s CEO, responded to my first review about the purchase process. Thanks to John for taking the time to comment and hopefully the website and order process will be tidied up.

The Purchase review link.

The Setup and Usage review link.

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2 Responses to Review : iBike iSport update #1

  1. Duke6amer says:

    Ah thanks for clearing things up norbs.
    Wow that sure does stick up in the wind but I guess it has to.
    So if you don’t get the rechargable mount how does the unit mount onto the stem?
    Also do you have the option to not use the rechargeable mount & use its standard mount to lower the unit a bit?
    These are the questions I had while browsing the iBike website, still not clear enough to me. šŸ™

  2. Manuel says:

    Hola!! seria de gran ayuda si me pudiesen informar en que pagina web viene la instalaciĆ³n completa de el ibike sport

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