Andrew Tilin, Author, Cyclist and Doper.

This is a hell of an interesting video about a bloke who decided to see what doping was like.

Andrew Tilin is the author of the book The Doper Next Door. Andrew spent almost a year using performance enhancing drugs in order to chronically his journey from everyman to testosterone superman. On the way he discovered that the fountain of youth has a dark side. Check out this conversation with Andrew as he talks about what it was like to be the doper next door.

Thanks to Glenn at ACF for the link.

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One Response to Andrew Tilin, Author, Cyclist and Doper.

  1. Duke6amer says:

    Wow that was a fantastic insight into the world of doping from an amatuers perspective. Will find time to read the book someday soon.
    Thanks for sharing norbs.

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