A Sunday Ride.

Sleeping in. I love doing it, but I also love going out for an early morning pedal. Last Sunday I set off a bit later than normal, but the sun was still low in the sky and the air was crisp. I was going to ride to Huskisson, a popular holiday destination in Jervis Bay. It was about 40kms from home. The first part of the ride was on roads I know well, this photo was on Forest Road, a terrific piece of tarmac that takes you out to the Highway.

Forest Road

It is a lumpy piece of road, but pretty quiet and sheltered from any wind. Once I got to the Princess Highway, it was a nice roll for about 2kms downhill. Before a short climb up to Jervis Bay Road.

Husky Turn Off

The run along Jervis Bay Road is pretty rough. No shoulder and some pretty high speed descents at times. With the descents, naturally there will be some climbs. Some even had me out of the saddle.

Out of the Saddle

Huskisson was the destination because the bride was at the markets selling her handmade cushions (www.cooshonz.com ).

Cooshonz. Cushions by Onz.

A quick stop, as it was getting pretty warm by that time, and I was off again. Back over the hills to get to the Highway. Then it was a a nice short roll down the hill before a 1.8km climb of 1.8%. I love how Strava builds the leaderboard for a new section right after you create it. At the top of that rise I had a decision to make, right on to Forest Road and back home, or turn left a little further along the Highway and do Nowra Hill. Some mental gymnastics and I figured if I went over Nowra Hill, I would go damn close to 100kms for the ride. Nowra Hill it was.

I wasn’t going to break any records this day, so I took my time over the top.

Atop Nowra Hill

I still managed to get my 8th fastest time from 18 attempts. That was a bit of a shock and probably points to my fitness slowly getting better. From Nowra Hill it is a long roll into Nowra. I stopped at the servo and grabbed a large chocolate milk and headed for the River.

Shoalhaven River, Nowra.

After a short break to enjoy the view, the magpies carolling and 600ml of chocolate milk, I was off again. After a pretty hard hit out on the Saturday, I was starting to feel it on the way home. Heart rate was up and power was down. I was getting a sore back as well, so with about 15kms to go, I stopped for a stretch.

Paddocks, Pyree.

Then it was an easy paced ride into Culburra Beach, and with a slight detour to gain another 3kms, I hit the 100kms mark. I am pretty sure that is my 5th Century this year.


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  1. Lewy says:

    As I said on your Strava for the ride. Next time try Woollamia Rd to get to husky. I always use that one.

    The highway on the way back sucks too.

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