Closing in on 1000W

Since I have had that bloody power meter, there comes a time every ride where I give it all I have and see what sort of wattage my muppet legs can generate.

First ride out it was 812 watts. Then 700 odd. Today, we are heading in the right direction.

947 Watts.

1000 seems like the holy grail. That said, it was rumoured that Andre Griepel was putting out 1900 watts during the sprint at the Tour Down Under.

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3 Responses to Closing in on 1000W

  1. Tim O'Mahony says:

    but for how long? Peaking at 1000w is one thing, sustain 1000w is another.

  2. Tim O'Mahony says:

    oh and you may be slowly convincing me that the isport might be worth it…

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