Cipo's vs Darren's.

I am developing a tan line around the tops of my legs where my knicks end. Luckily, I wear a couple of different brands, so the line isn’t a perfect line of bronze against alabaster.

I mix and match my cycling gear. I don’t go out looking all pro. I don’t give a rats testicle if I am not colour coordinated.

I sometimes wear black socks. Actually, most times. But it is because white socks get putrid, not to be a Lance wanna be.

I have spoken before about Euro cool. It came up again in conversation today. So, to get to the bottom of it, I have done some extensive research. I have looked at the psychology behind wanting to look cool. It has come down to this. You are either a Cipo or a Darren (some say Pro or Fred). After much hand wringing and teeth gnashing, I have put this comprehensive survey together to help you find out if you are a Cipo or Darren.




How did you go? leave a comment below. And thanks for your time.

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5 Responses to Cipo's vs Darren's.

  1. G Turk says:

    Definitely a Darren …. failed at the first hurdle 🙁

  2. Duke6amer says:

    I knew I was doomed at the 1st question… muhahahaha!!!

  3. pmark1bike says:

    I hope the survey didn’t take to long to create! 🙂

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