Gruppo Frazionato #2

Nic O’Donnell at The Roadie has done a run down on the 5 things we learnt at the TDU . “As the dust settles on the first World Tour event of 2012, there were plenty of hints as to how some of the rest of the season and beyond will unfold. Here are five that caught my eye.”

Velonation has a terrific article about Big George Hincapie and his upcoming record breaking Tour de France appearance. “When he clicks into his pedals and accelerates out of Gaiole in Chianti for the start of the Strade Bianche race on March 3rd, George Hincapie will be raising the curtain on his nineteenth season in the pro peloton.

Not really known as a cycling site, Instructables has an article on Restoring a vintage Dumpster Bike.”The old song goes “the best things in life are free”.. and the same goes for bikes. I have had two bikes which I found in the dumpster (rubbish bin here in Australia).”

CyclingIQ have a write up about bicycle manufacturing moving away from China due to it becoming to expensive. Full circle? | Bicycle brands resist costly China «. “In an effort to curb the rising costs of doing business on the mainland, Advanced International Multitech Co Ltd (AIM), a publicly-listed OEM to some of the world’s most evocative bicycle and golfing brands, intends to migrate Chinese production lines back into its Taiwan operations.”

Happy with your 500kms a week cycling addiction? How would you go trying to do what Tom Godwin did? Cycling Weekly takes a look.Tommy Godwin: 75,065 miles in a year | Latest News | Cycling WeeklyAt the height of the record Godwin was surviving on 40 hours sleep per week. He slept in fields if necessary, but was often taken in by cycling friends, who said: “Many a time Tommy turned up here completely exhausted and we had to bath him and put him to bed. Sometimes he was so wet we had to take off his clothes and wring them out.” Bear in mind, he rode in woollen clothing.”

This next clip, well, I will let you decide if you think it is a good thing, or not. Top Gun on bikes? Well it looks like there is a Goose in it.

Here to finish off this Gruppo is a really good video, well made and loads of fun. Warning, contains some pixelated nudity.

THE MAN WHO LIVED ON HIS BIKE from Guillaume Blanchet on Vimeo.

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