Non Pro Cycling Climbing Index (Ver 2.10)

Well, after much head scratching, blackboard time, navel contemplation, beers, long rides and oodles of discussion, the N.P.C.C.I. has been tweaked!  Apparently too many beers and not enough thinking. I have mixed up 2 different formulas I had and buggered the whole thing up. See below.

Gone is the 50km minimum. Now you can enter a 5km ride if you want to. But, be aware, there is a new, highly sophisticated algorithm, that takes ride length into consideration. I would like to thank Shane Black for all his input into the new calculations. With some help from another mate, we ended up with this highly complex calculation.


How do you get your N.P.C.C.I? Easy, go to and input your Strava ride URL or ID. It is as easy as that.

Now, lets see what you have got.

Edit : Anyone who finished 3rd class will see the error in the current calculation. Ver 3.0 is on its way.

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5 Responses to Non Pro Cycling Climbing Index (Ver 2.10)

  1. Duke6amer says:

    Umm O.K so what does it actually mean?
    ToB stage 1 gives me an NPCCI of 12.90???

  2. Duke6amer says:

    Ah dumbass me just found the original post….
    So where’s the leaderboard & comparison table to a typical Pro mountain stage from a GT?

  3. Lewy says:

    It just shifts the decimal place 2 paces on the elevation

    • norbs says:

      Yes mate. I am rejigging it. I sort of mixed up 2 different formulas and basically ended up with a dud. V3.0 is coming. 🙂

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