Gruppo Frazionato #1

No, I didn’t pass out on the keyboard. The phrase gruppo frazionato was just one of the terrific pieces of information I found in Pez’s article on Italian for cyclist. Here is the full meaning according to that article…

gruppo frazionato (GREW po frat zee oh NAHT oh) – When the peloton breaks apart into smaller groups referred to as Primo Gruppo, Secondo, and so on. These smaller groups are called gruppetti (grew PET tee)

What better way to describe a weekly or fortnightly post on the tit bits of cycling knowledge I stumble upon on the interwebs.

Cycling Tips is doing a Wednesday wrap up of some of the news. “From this Wednesday onwards a mystery journalist who will go by the name of “Le Grimpeur” will be reporting on selected news snippets of the week to keep you abreast of what’s happening in pro cycling.”

The Inner Ring, my choice of chain ring 90% of the time, has two must see articles as reference for the 2012 UCI World Tour. Firstly, the calendar of events and secondly, the teams list for the year. There is even a downloadable calendar for Google calendar. Excellent!

Here is a good article on blokes wearing lycra. I can’t stand the term MAMIL, Middle Aged Men In Lycra. This article addresses that.

Interested in doping in cycling? Well, news about it, not getting info on how to do it. 🙂 Check out An excellent source on the scourge of cycling.

Day 3 of the norbs TdF Challenge

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