N.P.C.C.I. What is it?

After my rather hilly climb last week, I was chatting to a mate who asked how that compares to what the pros did on say the TdF. I said I imagined the pros would do what I did yesterday for their warm ups. So what about compared to other people I cycle with was his next question. Hmm, good question. So I am bringing back an idea I had last year at one point. The Non Pro Cycling Climbing Index. It is a piece of the proverbial to figure out and hopefully will give me a way to compare my climbing against my mates. Keep in mind it is purely based on distance climbed and distance travelled. Speed has no place in a climbing index for the non pros amongst us.

Using yesterdays ride as an example.

All you need to do it divide the amount climbed, 1398m, by the distance traveled, 103km. This gives a NPCCI of 13.57.

Compare that to a flat ride like this.

NPCCI of 2.01.

One thing that needs to be included to stop people going to a local 10% climb and logging that with a NPCCI of 100 is the ride has to be a minimum of 50kms.

With the programming now mostly done (thanks to Ben Hughes) I am happy to say people can input their rides into this site http://norbs.tk/npcci/ and get their N.P.C.C.I. for any given ride.


Just input the ride ID off Strava. Note, the site is still being worked on, so if you find any errors, please let me know.

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  1. Lewy says:

    I got 16.35 from this ride http://app.strava.com/activities/1037125

    I like the new look

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