First Hundred of the year.

Went out for a crack at Cambewarra Mountain this morning with Lewy. It is about a 35km trip just to get there, a mere warm up for the pros, but for a 44 year old pushing 90+kgs, a bit more than a warm up. We got to the bottom and the deal was we would both ride til we could ride no more.

It seems like such an easy thing to do, until you start doing it.

I was spent. My left calf was cramping and I was getting really hot. So I pulled the pin about 25% of the way up. Lewy, not to be out done, smashed himself to get up to where I was.

My Muppet legs could go no further for now.

We both had a drink and a rest, then, I was starting to think about going on further when Lewy said something like “Fastest top speed down wins!” Damn him. He was out of site before I had clipped in.

The result, me 76.7kph, Lewy, 82.1kph. Bugger.

This is what 76.6kph looks like from the GoPro.

From there it was a meandering trip to Nowra before I dropped Lewy off and did another 50kms on my lonesome.

A good 102kms in the bank and my first hundred of the year.

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  1. Lewy says:

    Well done mate. Aint no way I was going any further up that hill:-)

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