So you think you can climb?

Polka dots, polka dots, polka dots everywhere. That is how I would be feeling if I could ever manage this beast of a climb!

55kms at 5.3%! Sweet Contador on a unicorn, that is a hell of a climb.

It got me thinking, what is the biggest climb you have done, or what is the biggest climb local to you?

For me it it probably Berry to Cambewarra lookout, but strictly speaking, it isn’t all climbing.

Barrengarry Mountain maybe the biggest for me locally. I hope to take it on in the next month or so.

So, lets hear it, what is your biggest local climb?

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5 Responses to So you think you can climb?

  1. Secret says:

    Mt Cootha or Mt Neebo, i love climbing but hate descending as i sucks at it and i find it very risky 🙁

  2. Duke6amer says:

    Great Post norbs. Holy Crap that’s a big hill or should I say Volcano. 🙂
    I think the longest for me is Mt Hotham, not sure if anything is longer in VIC, but it is pretty flat in the middle 10km’s of it.
    The Steepest Longest is obviously Mt Baw Baw for us.
    As for the biggest locally it would be one of the climbs in Mt Dandenong, which one I am not sure but would be less than 10k for most of em.

  3. Lewy says:

    I think Barrengarry takes it for me too. Have only ridden it once on an MTB.

    Will be keen for another try, let me know when you plan to attack it.

  4. Matt says:

    Love Barrengarry(see below link)! Although my favourite is anywhere around Bright. e.g Hotham

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