Day 2 – 5 Hours Sleep

It probably isn’t the best preparation for a ride. Got to bed at just after 2AM and was woken up at 7AM. Try as I might, I couldn’t get back to sleep. So after some arsing about around the house, I set off under beautiful blue skies but a bit of a breeze coming from the NE.

It was an easy ride until I approached a few young blokes on those tiny little motorbikes that look like death traps. They were putting along and as I went past they gunned it and caught up. I was doing about 25kph and they wanted to race. Ah, why not. Off we went. Up and out of the saddle and before I knew it they were gone! I had got to 40kph up a slight hill and the heart was going mad. I’m probably to old and fat for this sort of shenanigans!

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